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Business Professionals

Sharing the benefit of your years of experience requires careful planning and engaging, relevant content for your course. Creating the assignments, lectures, activities and quizzes can be a daunting task but a powerful tool can help you deliver broadly-accessible lessons wherever your student may be. If you’ve ever tried to manage a project via email, you know the hassle of misplaced files and the headache of not having the right information at your fingertips. University learning management systems are great but often do not create an immersive learning experience that blends the content and technology into one enhanced user experience. ClassActive helps you structure and deliver your course so you and your students always know what topics are being taught and what is due when.

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University Professors

Deploying corporate and executive training programs is difficult when you do not have the platform to deploy your content. Business professionals are accustomed to getting information on their terms and often do not have the patience or time in their busy schedules to go hunting for course resources, lectures, and materials. ClassActive allows you to focus on delivering the course content and allows your company clients and corporate students to get real-time access to the information in one convenient location. And when you’re done, simply take the course and all the material with you to reuse it again for another course. You’re in control with ClassActive.

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Training Professionals

Organizing and running a training session or seminar is a lot of work. Part instructor and part event planner, you have a lot to consider when administering a class.  ClassActive can help you save time by centralizing content in a clear and structured manner so your students can access it any time, anywhere and on-the-go. ClassActive can help you streamline communications with your students, collaborate on ideas and administer assessments. And when you’re done, reuse the course content and structure to save time and hassle. Set up your training session or seminar today the way you like it and deploy to your students when you are ready. ClassActive is your one-stop-shop for administering training and instructional seminars!

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Always free. Always easy.

ClassActive is free to use for both business professionals, university professors and training professionals. You are never charged a monthly fee for using ClassActive so there is never a cost to you. To receive payment for your course materials, simply charge your students or participants for access to your course; you are always in control of the pricing of your content. Students can then pay quickly, conveniently and securely through PayPal and receive immediate access to your course and the ClassActive virtual classroom. You will receive payment from ClassActive once all your students or participants have enrolled. To cover our costs and keep ClassActive up and running, we take a small percentage of the course enrollment fees based on number of enrolled students and the per-student cost of the course. ClassActive is the fastest way to stand up a course in no time flat!

The table below represents the fee percentage charged by ClassActive per enrolled student. The fees are determined by the number of students enrolled in your course and the total cost you charge for your course. These percentages can be built in when you set the enrollment price for your course. When students enroll in your course, ClassActive will charge the student the cost you specify and take out the percentage indicated below as a service fee for hosting your course. You will receive the rest once all students have enrolled in the course.

Course Cost Per Student 1 – 50 Students 51 – 100 Students Over 100 Students
$20* – $50 25% 20% 15%
$51 – $100 23% 18% 13%
Over $100 21% 16% 11%

* Note: There is a minimum per student course cost of $20 per student

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ClassActive History

ClassActive was created by an adjunct faculty member and full-time business professional who was frustrated with the limitations and static nature of today’s learning management systems. Because the topics of business courses change so rapidly, finding a textbook for many courses can be near-impossible. After years of refinement, trial and error, ClassActive was born. ClassActive is designed to be an easy-to-use, robust and sustainable learning and teaching platform serving three primary audiences:

  1. business professionals who teach business courses to universities and colleges, and
  2. university professors who provide consulting and training services to companies and their employees, and
  3. training professionals who teach seminars, training sessions and conference sessions to groups of learners.

ClassActive is tailor-made to teachers with powerful tools to deliver their course and focus on what they do best: teach!  Unlike most “load and forget” learning management system (LMS) platforms, ClassActive allows you to “develop as you go” and “deploy anytime” right over the web. That means: you can create courses faster, better and more efficiently at your own pace. As an instructor or teacher, you can progressively build your course right in ClassActive and re-deploy it as many times as you like.

ClassActive’s purpose is simple: Power the virtual classroom. Anytime. Anywhere.

ClassActive News

ClassActive is a learning management system tailored to business professionals serving as adjunct faculty, university professors teaching training programs, and training professionals. No matter what you teach, ClassActive can power your course. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Learnified is a 100% free learning management system serving those who need it most. We provide a free, easy and open learning platform to non-profits, schools in need and extracurricular groups. Our purpose is to close the education gap by making learning available everywhere.

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